The future of the world’s economy depends on the capacity of organizations to achieve Sustainability through circular, systemically designed business models. Here is where Exsulting comes into play.


What it is

  • A tool to assess the Company’s progress along its journey to Sustainability
  • A generator of awareness about how sustainability can add to your profitability
  • A provider of precious insight on your points of strength and weaknesses
  • A pointer to priorities and opportunities of improvement of your competitiveness
  • A support for your strategic reflection, decisions and project planning
  • A multi-stakeholder decision-making support for value chain integration
  • A benchmark against frontrunners and competitors
  • A future fitness credential to your investors and potential business partners


The Embedded Sustainability Index is:

  • Easy to start with: the first step is self-evaluated and free (upon registration)
  • Progressive: you can engage with the Index step by step, as you appreciate its contribution to your Company performance
  • Easy to handle: it begins with the simple grading of statements that every executive can evaluate.
  • Fostering your autonomy: you are protagonist in every step and become self-reliant for the future
  • Hassle Free: you can implement the output in your current project management system
  • Cost Effective: its web-based platform and lean algorithms make handling the procedure simple and time effective
  • Significant: the Index has been carefully designed to deliver highly significant outcomes and the best possible useful information
  • Qualitative: it facilitates strategic reasoning and decision-making, without constraining you into the micromanagement of figures
  • Easy to measure: a single global figure, with clear components that can be fine tuned by our experts, is highly effective for keeping track of your progress

How it works

The Embedded Sustainability Index* is very practical instrument, though founded on solid knowledge and research: we know that you need information that is easy to grasp and conducive to effective decision and action. The Index is based on 36 factors that a group of experts has carefully selected as the most significant to make out the capacity of an organization to develop successfully its Embedded Sustainability strategy. From the first step to the most advanced evolution of our service, our experts will use progressively sophisticated algorithms to fine-tune the tool and give you a more personalized analysis of your situation, helping you to make more accurate decisions and advance. It is up to you, stage by stage, to decide how deep you wish to go and up to what point you want to engage with ExSulting in your journey to Sustainability.
*Embedded Sustainability is a term coined by Chris Laszlo and Nadia Zhexembayeva


The first step on the Embedded Sustainability Index is Free (upon registration) and is fully self-evaluated. All you have to do is to register o our online platform and grade the statements that make the survey. You get two outcomes: one is the actual figure of the Index, placing you on the journey. Although there is no “absolute right” score, since every activity has its peculiarities, there is a rule-of-the-thumb to assess your score, that will be explained when you get the result. The second outcome, that you will fully appreciate when taking the survey, is the opportunity to reflect and ponder over factors that you may have overlooked in the past, or not connected as effectively as our experts have done during the development of the Index

If you decide that you want to understand more deeply your risk and opportunities, the next step is the Preliminary Report. After taking the Survey, you only have to ask the Proposal for the Report from your customer page and, when you accept it, you will get it shortly – generally within 10 working days, for a small fee. The Report is elaborated by our experts upon your answer to the survey and publicly available data about your Company. The Preliminary Report delivers a clearer picture of what Sustainability might do for the performance of your organization, highlighting the main areas of opportunity and risk that you may deal with on priority. You get also more familiar with how the Index works and you see more clearly your potential to achieve Sustainability.

Now that you have pondered over the Preliminary Report, you may want to go deeper into the matter and get to know in detail how every element of the picture can fall in the right place of your own effective Sustainability strategy design: this is Step Three. All that has been done until now is still useful and forms the foundation of the Company Adjusted Index. Upon your request for Step Three, our team will schedule one or more – generally between two and four – meetings, depending on your organizational structure and dimension. Our experts sit together with your executive and management teams to fine-tune the initial scoring and go at the very heart of the impact of each factor of the Index upon the Sustainability performance and future fitness of your Company. The flexibility of our Index allows a full adaptation of the scoring matrix to your specific situation, so that any peculiar trait that is unique to your Company and operations is evaluated. Your main Sustainability related risks and opportunities are highlighted and mapped, together with the most relevant stakeholders to be engaged. The outcome of this phase is your own Sustainability strategy’s main outline. With the insight that you have received so far, you are now ready to design and pursue your own roadmap to Sustainability. After this step, your Index is certified by Exsulting and you can "spend" it as the indicator of your future-fitness with investors and partners.

With Step Three you are now stronger and more equipped to walk the journey to Sustainability. If you want to be accompanied further, take Step Four. This Step implies a thorough analysis of the resources – material and immaterial - present in your Company, plus a materiality analysis of Sustainability related issues. Therefore, before designing any specific improvement projects for each factor of the Index, your strengths are assessed and the planning is made most effectively. We support your team in the research and ideation of the best improvement projects for all factors of Embedded Sustainability, setting the appropriate KPIs to measure the progress along a full year. After the period we run the Index survey again together with your team and the progress is measured, both by the update of the global index and also by the scores in every one of the 36 factors and their KPIs, to help your leadership to keep the Sustainability strategy on the best track.


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