Embedded Sustainability Index® is the innovative tool developed by Exsulting to assess the integration of sustainability into a company's strategies and processes The aim is to guide the client on a path of change that has as its ultimate goal the achievement of sustainability in a holistic sense. This includes economic prosperity, the development of social value, environmental protection, responsibility towards stakeholders and transparency.

The index is based on 36 factors related to the most significant international standards on the subject, which define an organisation's ability to successfully develop embedded sustainability strategies.

The tool returns a single, unambiguous index number that provides a precise indication of the company's degree of sustainability. The assessment helps manage uncertainty, minimising risks and maximising opportunities, and supports the improvement of the company's overall performance by integrating sustainability management into every process.

ESIndex® in the version Company Adjusted Index© certified by Exsulting is a benchmark recognised by investors and customers, easy to communicate and giving you a leg up on the competition.

You can assess the current sustainability rating of your company starting with our self-assessment test, which gives you access to 36 key KPIs right away. Click here to get started:


How it works

The self-assessment is a test that you can carry out independently; you can do it at no cost and already filling it out gives you a first experience of what strategic and integrated sustainability can mean for your company. To obtain the ESIndex® calculation and the release of the result indicating, also graphically, the current degree of sustainability of your business, you will be asked to pay a fee of € 200.00. Alternatively, you can make use of a discount code if you have obtained one.

The self-assessment test is completely online and takes only about twenty minutes to complete. It is intended for internal use.

This first phase already includes all 36 KPIs on which our Index is based and gives an overview of the current situation, providing many useful hints.

index is:
Supply Chain


Register by clicking on the button below and create a profile for your company. After creating your profile, you can immediately access Exsulting's services in your private area of the website and take the self-assessment test. Registration only takes a few seconds and is free of charge.


Within your reserved area, you will be offered 36 statements on sustainability-related topics, divided into two sections (one on uncertainty factors, one on resilience factors), to be scored from 1 to 6. Completing the test will already give you a new awareness of sustainability at no cost.


After completing the test and assigning a value to all 36 statements, the algorithm will calculate the score for your company. To obtain the ESIndex® result for your company, proceed with the payment of the € 200.00 fee, which you will be regularly invoiced for, or use a discount code.

If you want, you can ask for Step 2: the Analysis ReportThis Executive Report is drafted by our experts on the basis of your self - assessment plus public available information about your Company and industry. 

The next step after the Analysis Report is the elaboration of the Company Adjusted Index©, calculated by our experts again on the basis of the ESIndex® factors, but with in-depth metrics and recommendations.

To compile this document, Exsulting consultants meet with your company's management in an in-depth audit and directly gather key information on company policies, governance, impact elements, uncertainty and resilience factors.

The Company Adjusted Index® is calculated according to a rigorous proprietary assessment specification, consisting of 37 scorecards, following a third-party certified process according to ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

ISO standards and major international norms and guidelines on sustainability and social responsibility come into play in the assessment of the Company Adjusted Index®, guiding the assessors.

Your ESIndex® is now guaranteed and certified by Exsulting, so it is a strong tool for communication of your commitment to corporate sustainability. It is now ready to be presented to investors and other stakeholders. It also comes with a licence to use the Embedded Sustainability Index® logo associated to its own score for 18 months.

Taking into account your needs and available resources, we support your company in the development of its sustainability strategy and their integration into processes. 

If appropriate, we can implement an ISO-based integrated sustainability management system, exclusively developed by Exsulting for its clients. 

We will help you establish the most effective action plans and appropriate KPIs to measure your progress in overall and sustainability performance. 

We will support you in developing innovation and seeking funding to support your investments.

Periodically we will recalculate your ESIndex® together, verifying the effectiveness of the improvement measures implemented and performing an audit to certify the new value, so that you can communicate to your stakeholders your company's progress towards strategic and embedded sustainability.


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